When you have an Over Dimensional Cargo, and you have no clue how to send it to the destination, or you wonder how to get it delivered to your address, all you have to do is Call Royal Marine Services (RMS). An over dimensional cargo, will be handled in most economical & professional way. As this is what we expertise. They would get it transported to wherever you want. The safety of the Cargo which is escorted is assured at cent percent, and you would never have to tense over it. Your cargo would be safe and secure, and Royal Marine services, would help you escort your cargo from your place to the destination or vice versa, at its best. Everything happens at an affordable price. The service provided is very procedural where we first study the ODC/FROZEN Consignment to be transported and also check the centre of gravity with respect to the dimension and the weight of the over dimensional cargo, and safety loading is assured.


  • Studying the nature of ODC to be transported
  • Safe Handling of Cargo while Loading and Unloading process.
  • Route Survey and then selection of the most suitable/feasible route in terms of safety of the cargo.
  • Safety loading, considering the distribution of weight along the vehicle, lashing, marking etc,
  • Implementing, organizing and controlling the operations and frequently report/update the movement in transit to ensure safe and condition of cargo.
  • Quality & Standard are not compromised.


  • Skilled personnel will be available for handling the cargo
  • Safe Handling of Cargo, monitoring the temperature while Loading and Unloading process.
  • To ensure the Temperature desired Cargos are maintained on the particular Temperature throughout the Transit.
  • Often report/update the movement and temperature in transit to ensure safe and condition of cargo.


The service basically surveys the road, and therefore you would get to know the best road route to have the cargo transported. The road survey is updated very frequently, and this completely puts down the probability of mishaps.

  • Route Survey and then selection of the most suitable/feasible route in terms of safety of the cargo.
  • The road survey gives you details about the length and the breadth of the road, height of the bridge, safe transit on bridge, High tension wires, and also comfort of the road.
  • It would also give the probability of the size of the cargo to get transported through the road chosen.

This will help the customers to choose the best available route, and get the cargo escorted with safety and security.


Royal Marine services provide you with very well equipped man powers, who work at their best, for warehouse and factory purposes and also for automobile industry, food industry, education institutions, pharmaceutical sectors, industrial housekeeping and the list go on. The man power that the Royal Marine services provide, are well experienced and trained to work efficiently. We are not time consuming, but are swift and smart. We help you finish your work at ease, and all your tensions would be gone, when you reach Royal Marine Services. The man power is also customer friendly and therefore, we are sure to help the customers have a qualitative service.

  • Staffing service allows a company to take an employee on a temporary basis for purpose of evaluation and should the employee meets their satisfactory requirements.
  • The company may then take the employee onto their payrolls.
  • This type of staffing service gives the company a safe alternative to permanent hiring and allows the company to critically evaluate the capabilities and managerial skills of the employee in concern.


Another facility provided by the Royal Marine services in the Transport, crane and forklift provision. We provide the customers with cranes of different ton quantity, and the machinery that they provide are well equipped and well maintained. We would definitely be time saving and also efficient. We also provide Trailers and forklifts at a very fine quality

Royal Marine Services are totally customer friendly, and we make sure that the customers are satisfied with the facilities provided. The services are equipped at our best, and all that we provide are affordable. We are trustworthy, and we are highly experienced. This amazing facility that is provided by the Royal Marine services is just a phone call away. Do contact and get the best service of Royal Marine services at your doorstep. You are highly respected and valued. Royal Marine services cherish relationship with you

  • Cost Management report of the project suggesting 'ways to save!'
  • Prior Permissions required from several government departments for the route
  • Appropriate freight carriers are arranged or engineered for the movement
  • Loading & unloading with the Royal Marine equipments, team and care
  • Eliminate Obstacles which object the movement, cargo or the freight carrier


  • 40 Footer
  • 20 footer
  • Semi Low bed Trailer
  • Low bed Trailer
  • Hydraulic Axel Trailer
  • Air Suspension trailers


  • Crane: 12 TON to 150 TON
  • Forklift: 3 TO 10 TON
  • Survey Launch
  • Fuel and Fresh Water supply Vessels
  • Towing Tug
  • Fibre and Inforced Plastics (FRP) Boat


Commencing in the year 2005, Royal Marine services, is a wonderfully constructed service which provides with every industrial & Port need.We are in the business of offering services and also carry out of total logistic works with Port Authorities and other agencies for more than Ten years.


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